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OSOBA is a shape-colour psychology-related board game. It highly relates to the visual composition of shapes perceived by the players. It is a 2-player game, which includes assembling the wooden tiles in a specific structure as shown in the structure card. Every shape and colour has a meaning attached to it, influencing our minds and reacting differently. This game is a way to find each other's personality and mind strategy-based skills, also having fun with the pattern making at the same time.



This design project required us to base the topic on any of these ten keywords: Journey, Discovery, Truth, Real, Open, Legend, Freedom, Wonder, Pain, Science.

The topic which I came up with from the given word was:

The psychology of shapes = (Discovery+ Truth+ Science+Open)

OSOBA is a 2-player game and a mind strategy-based game. The objective was to come up with a game that could reveal the player's personality and character traits via shapes and colours


Artboard 19.png
Artboard 11.png
Artboard 12.png
Artboard 13.png
Artboard 15.png

The game altogether counts 40 points.

Three special black tiles were introduced to make the game more interesting. =3x2 =6 tiles

(3 tiles to each player)


Structure cards and personality cards were also added so that the player can perform 4 tasks and come to a winning situation.

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